Gold Craft Studio

Copper Leafing

Is Copper a Red metal Or Pink metal Or Orange metal?

Well,  to some Architects and  Designers, it is Red, to some it is brown and to some it is orange. Gold Craft Studio® pays attention to and recognizes their Clients’ fundamental and elegant requests to give them the affable texture of this vague metal. According to some beliefs Metal Copper has been known to keep evil out of their homes. Thus you have a justification to use a little bit of Copper at your residence with an esprit of a statement.

Gold Craft Studio® offers the best-in-class copper leafing services across India along with other gilding services. We provide copper leafing services to illustrate your living rooms as well as the indoors and outdoors of your home. We offer the best quality gilding services by using current facets of tools and excellent quality raw materials in the gilding process. Our designs are of utmost elegance that is utterly suitable for you to demonstrate in style.

Gold Craft Studio® provides its services to all classes of clients irrespective of their requirements. We have an extensive workforce with astuteness in all forms of leafing services that formulate us as an obdurate entity within the periphery of India. The secret to our success is our tendency to give importance to customer satisfaction rather than profit-making.

Copper Leafing