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Antique Leafing

Antique is a Latin word meaning “old” or “ancient”. Antique objects are immensely favourable, collectable and sought-after because of their epoch, splendour, scarcity, stipulations, efficacy, delicate poignant correlation or further exclusive features.

It is an article that exemplifies a preceding era or phenomenon in human civilization. The antique process was introduced in the leafing industry to create the desired illusionary effect on special objects. The method of antiquing the gilded object is the most obscure and imaginative part of the expertise as it has many challenges to face. Antiques are usually objects that indicate a great span of craftsmanship and a detailed engagement in the structure. One can choose the objects for antique leafing based on their preferences like an old credenza table or a mirror frame. 

In brief, we would like to illustrate that we enunciate the old reminiscence into realism by providing an age-old effect to a certain article allotting extra tranquillity to our specialised Antique Leafing Services. The antique effect can be done on Gold Leafing, Silver Leafing and Copper Leafing

Gold Craft Studio® has always given importance to accepting the challenges coming from our Clients and Architects. We as craftsmen classify the prerequisite of our clients and make it veracity for them. We provide an original palette of leafing hues and tints and have conceived patented gold, silver, copper, champagne and antique leafing samples.

Antique Leafing