Gold Craft Studio

Gold Craft Studio

About Us

Gold Craft Studio® has developed strategic methods to intricately comprehend the requirements of our clients and decipher the same as an inventive and distinctive blend of Contemporary Art and Royalty.

 It has an extended ingenious legacy that has been brought down through generations. We have revolutionalised the technique of gilding by putting forward specialized creations and devices that assist us to deliver precise finishes in all our projects.

Gold Craft Studio® under the leadership of Shakil Khan has been able to allocate upgraded quality products that boosted us to attain significant pinnacles in a brief period due to sheer finesse and embodiment in our projects.

 We have reached out to larger affiliated audiences and we have indigenously formulated and developed our design palette with numerous texture templates and an array of gold leafing (Gilding) finishes for our eminent clients and connoisseurs of royalty.